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How long has The Athletic Scholarship Guide been around?

The Athletic Scholarship Guide was brought online promptly on Christmas day in 2014 and is therefore a relatively new and innovative product. However, despite it being a new and innovative product, it’s based on the extensive experience and knowledge of the leading consulting and recruitment agency for athletic scholarships, “Monaco Sports”, which is based in Munich, Germany.

The Twitter button – what does it do?

In addition to Facebook, Twitter is one of the largest social networks used to share images, opinions, discussions and ideas to a wide audience. By sharing The Athletic Scholarship Guide with other talented sporting individuals, you may even be able to open a door for them, by presenting them with an exciting new opportunity. The “Twitter” – button links you directly to your Twitter home page, where you can talk directly through your account about The Athletic Scholarship Guide to your followers.

The FB-Button – what does it do?

Clicking this button will open a new window and redirect you to the Facebook webpage where you will be able to share The Athletic Scholarship Guide with all your friends or just those individuals who you think could be interested. By sharing The Athletic Scholarship Guide with other talented sporting individuals, you may even be able to open a door for them, by presenting them with an exciting new opportunity. When you click “Share”, the post will provide a link your friends can follow to The Athletic Scholarship Guide’s homepage.

Who is behind the creation of The Athletic Scholarship Guide?

The creators of The Monaco Guide are the original founders of the athletic scholarship-services agency, Monaco Sports based in Munich, Germany. Monaco Sports has earned an excellent reputation in recent years from American coaches, its partners, athletes and their parents because of its work ethic and professionalism.  The two executives and so-called “captains” of Monaco Sports bring with them many years of experience in sports marketing and management. With the help of many reputable partners from the sporting industry, Monaco Sports has been able to successfully guide countless talented athletes (from differing sporting backgrounds) every year through the recruiting process and to their ultimate goal of obtaining an athletic scholarship in America.

How can I get in contact with customer service?

The best option is to email us at

How secure is my payment transaction? Will my payment information be stored?

Your payment data is neither processed nor stored on our servers. In order to ensure maximum safety in the payment process, critical data such as your credit card number, etc. are encrypted and forwarded, via secure connections (SSL), to external payment services (STRIPE, PayPal). Thus, critical data only comes in contact with servers that have a TÜV or PCI DSS Level 1 certification (the most secure). You can sleep easy knowing that your data won’t fall into the wrong hands.

What different payment options are available?

You can purchase The Athletic Scholarship Guide by using either a credit card (Visa, Visa Electron and MasterCard) or PayPal.

How can I get an insight into The Athletic Scholarship Guide?

Get the first 60 minutes for free when you have signed up. Once you have access to our complete service you have a great opportunity to get an insight to The Athletic Scholarship Guide and its advantages.

How long will it take to completely work through all of The Athletic Scholarship Guide?

It all depends on what type of person you are. Some people will read through all the information in a couple days, whereas others read through each file bit by bit over a couple of weeks as they need it. Best-case scenario, you will enter the recruiting process approximately 2 years before you plan on starting studying in the US, as this is when coaches start looking for talent!

Can The Athletic Scholarship Guide be applied to every type of sport?

So long as your sport is listed under “scholarship-relevant sports”, exactly which one you compete in, plays a very minor role. This is because the recruiting/application process is almost exactly the same for every sport. For every other sport that is not listed, scholarships are not available for these sports and the purchase of The Athletic Scholarship Guide would make little sense. If you are unsure about your sport, search the web or contact us for more information.

With the purchase of The Athletic Scholarship Guide, will I receive an invoice?

Yes, after confirmation of your purchase we will send you an invoice by email (including tax).

Does The Athletic Scholarship Guide guarantee me a scholarship?

If you meet all of the essential athletic and academic requirements, comply with the guidelines set down in the Athletic Scholarship Guide, and are driven in you pursuit of your goal, then the chances that you will end up with an athletic scholarship are going to be very high; all without having to invest a huge amount of money. However, we cannot give a guarantee – to do so would be unprofessional. If an applicant has a realistic self-assessment, fulfills all the requirements, and responsibly goes about the completion of all the given tasks, only then can we assume he or she will have a very good chance of obtaining a (full) partial scholarship.

How do I create my own profile for The Athletic Scholarship Guide?

How to gain access to The Athletic Scholarship Guide, step-by-step:

  •  On the home page of The Athletic Scholarship Guide, click the button “Start your free trial & get evaluated”.
  • Fill out the evaluation form and submit.
  • Check your email for scores and login information.
  • After logging in you’ll find yourself in the internal area of The Athletic Scholarship Guide. Before you can gain access to all that valuable information, you will need to complete payment. The available options (e.g. 6 or 12 months) are shown on the top right hand side of the screen. Select one option (e.g. 6 or 12 months) and after we receive confirmation of payment, all contents will now be at your disposal. We will then send your invoice by email, confirming your purchase.
What are the requirements to be eligible for a scholarship in the US?

The general requirements can be found on the home page under the navigation tabs “Requirements” and “Scholarship relevant sports”. Here you will be able to get a rough idea if you could be eligible for an athletic scholarship in the US. An individual and more accurate measurement of your chances is offered free of charge by nearly every scholarship-service agency.

How much does The Athletic Scholarship Guide cost and what does it include?

The Athletic Scholarship Guide contains all the contact details of the Head Coaches (NCAA D1, D2, D3, NAIA and NJCAA) in your chosen scholarship-relevant sport and a step-by-step manual detailing how to organize a scholarship in the US by yourself, this is then supplemented by an (extremely) detailed knowledge database. With your purchase you will gain access to all of the above for a certain time period. 3-days cost 5USD, whereas selecting the 30-days option will cost 30USD. You don’t have to cancel your contract if you want out, instead if you want to extend your subscription all you need is to purchase the following month. Dependable and professional companies that specialize in placing athletes at universities in the US with scholarships, will usually cost between 2000 and 3500USD depending on if a placement is successful. The Athletic Scholarship Guide however, will only cost a fraction of that!

Who can benefit from The Athletic Scholarship Guide?

The Athletic Scholarship Guide is aimed at all athletes and their parents who are seriously considering making trying to get an athletic scholarship in the USA. They also want to be able to organize and plan it themselves, without enlisting the help of an (expensive) scholarship agency.