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The path to an athletic scholarship in the USA can be at times complicated and confusing. The Athletic Scholarship Guide lays out all the essential steps individually in clearly defined and understandable elements; but at the same time it does not leave out any of the minor details in each subject, just in case you want a better understanding or want to delve deeper in the subject. Apart from that, it also contains the current contact details from every head coach involved in the college sports scene!

Enlisting the help of an agency to guide you towards your dream of an athletic scholarship in the USA will cost a great deal of money and even then you’re left to do a lot of the work yourself. The Athletic Scholarship Guide gives you all the advantages of an agency (the knowledge, the guidance, contact info of the coaches), without any of the disadvantages (high costs, reliance on someone else).

1-month costs 49USD, whereas selecting the 3-months option will cost 99USD. You don’t have to cancel your contract if you want out, instead if you want to extend your subscription all you need is to purchase again one of the options. Dependable and professional companies that specialize in placing athletes at universities in the US with scholarships, will usually cost between 2000 and 3500USD depending on if a placement is successful. The Athletic Scholarship Guide however, will only cost a fraction of that!

It doesn’t matter if you want to start by following our step-by-step instructions or if you want to jump directly into the topics that you think are most important – you get to decide. Navigating the internal area is a breeze. It gives you an overview so you won’t forget any of the important points or tasks. With our system you are almost guaranteed to achieve your goals.


The Athletic Scholarship Guide is aimed at all athletes and parents that are playing with the idea of trying to obtain an athletic scholarship at a university in the USA.  The type of sport played is irrelevant because the recruiting and applications process is similar across all sports codes. We think anyone who decides to use this guide is showing a great deal of self-initiative. Apart from that, to succeed they should also have a healthy dose of realism and a strong personal drive.

The recruiting process itself is characterized by many peculiarities and rules; both of which you need to be aware of from the get-go. So what’s the upside? As long as one meets the athletic and academic requirements, your goal of attaining an athletic scholarship is almost a sure thing. So don’t let yourself be frightened away because of the perceived difficulty of the recruiting process or any perceived language barriers. The Athletic Scholarship Guide will supply you with both the contact information of all the American college coaches and an exact set of instructions, each aspects will bring you one step closer to your goal.

Those that follow the recommendations set forth within our guide and then consequently work through all the set tasks, will have a very good chance to end up standing on American soil with a scholarship in their back pocket – all without having to invest more money than absolutely necessary.

Thus, the Athletic Scholarship Guide is the most effective alternative to an (expensive) agency and the best way to acquire one of the coveted scholarships in the United States (all on your own). Our guide combines the perspectives and experiences from all of the players who play a major role in the recruiting process. We are talking about a) the American coaches – who command a budget and will end up deciding who will get a scholarship, b) Agencies specialized in scholarship services – coaches happily deal with them because they usually are representing, as well as guiding, high caliber athletes; and help do a lot of the work faced by a coach who has to deal with an athlete from a (foreign country), c) the talented athletes – that with or without the help of an agency are trying to lay the foundation for a unforgettable time as a student-athlete in the USA.

Apart from that, The Athletic Scholarship Guide is a huge help to those that would struggle to afford the fees demanded by an agency. Not only will this guide increase the chances of you getting a paid scholarship in the land of endless opportunities, you will saving a lot of time and money doing so!


As an athlete, in order to get an athletic scholarship in the US, a lot of specialized knowledge and personal commitment is necessary. In this context there are numerous agencies whose single greatest asset is their specialized know-how on how to get an athlete a scholarship at an American university. For athletes that wanted to go down this road and obtain a scholarship, there were only ever 2 options:

  • Try it on your own or be scouted. Let it be said right from the start: going down this road and overcoming all the difficulties and obstacles on your own is doable. It will be extremely difficult – but possible. However in saying that, all too often the athlete will not be successful, because of one or a combination of factors (the complexity of the subject, lack of knowledge about certain interrelationships, the added stress from school or university leading to exhaustion, language barriers, and, and, and…). In the end, even if one did succeed in gaining a scholarship there is always a feeling of – could I have gotten more out of it; maybe even a better scholarship in a more suitable environment? If you are highly successful in your chosen sport, coaches will tend to contact you directly and try convincing you to sign with them as soon as possible. Many coaches use this type of direct approach as an opportunity to cut out the competition (agents and other rivals), before they have a chance to get involved. Ultimately it leaves the question, did the athlete miss out on something better (academically, a more fitting coach, a better environment, etc…).
  • Employing the services of an agency. Agencies specializing on the subject of scholarships, know that the whole (sometimes quite complex) process can frighten young athletes and their parents and make them unsure on how to proceed. A personal guide who then holds your hand throughout the whole process will obviously then demand a certain price. Principally there is nothing wrong with this – at least if the agency preforms its promise of a comprehensive and personalized consultation. Unfortunately the reality is such that all too often, directly after signing the contract, an agency will follow a generic plan made for the masses, keeping the work per client to an absolute minimum. There are agencies that provide a value for money, but they are a dime a dozen. Many athletes and their parents would prefer trying to avoid the risk of making a bad deal, but they don’t know what other choice they have.

The Athletic Scholarship Guide provides a third and entirely new alternative to support you on your journey. It contains all the information and advice you would need, at minimal cost. Our guide is perfect for all those athletes and parents that want to get close to the kind of performance an agency would offer, at a fraction of the price. The Athletic Scholarship Guide is a viable alternative for parents and athletes that are independent and cost-conscious. There will always be athletes that try to go it alone, or enlist the services of an agency. The Athletic Scholarship Guide does not see itself as direct competition to the agencies that provide professional, reliable and dedicated guidance to their clients, but does see itself as competition to those agencies that follow a generic plan while showing little (to no) commitment to you the client, all at exuberant prices.


Men & Women
Basketball, Cross Country, Diving, Fencing, Golf, Gymnastics, Ice Hockey, Track & Field, Lacrosse, Rifle, Skiing, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, Water Polo

Only for women:
Bowling, Cheerleading, Field Hockey, Rowing, Softball

Only for men:
American Football, Baseball, Wrestling

How good do I need to be?
The quality of athletes & teams can vary quite substantially between associations (NCAA I, II, III, NAIA and NJCAA). In every sporting code and association you will find athletes that are on the cusp of become professional. However every sport provides a certain bandwidth, meaning you don’t have to necessarily belong to the “crème de la crème” of athletes to get a scholarship! To have a realistic chance of obtaining a scholarship you should have played some kind of role, achieved some kind of success or have shown some potential at the regional, state or country level.  We are talking about athletes that train at least 3x times a week, at a performance-orientated level. However in saying this, every case must be examined individually because there will always be exceptions to the rule. For example: now more than ever, soft factors (e.g. determination, potential, willingness, etc.) are becoming just as important as the hard facts (e.g. results, statistics, physique, etc.), i.e. what you might lack in athleticism, you might be able to make up for with determination. Apart from that, one must differentiate between objective sports (are defined by exact figures – usually individual sports) and subjective sports (usually team sports).

In the following sports you should definitely be completing at the national level or at the least state level (outside of the US): American football, baseball, basketball, bowling, cheerleading, ice hockey, fencing, rifle, lacrosse, wrestling, alpine skiing & cross country, softball, gymnastics, volleyball (men), water polo and diving. In the other sports, playing at a regional level can suffice. However, this depends very much on the overall level and the quality of training in your own country.