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The original founders of the athletic scholarship-services agency, Monaco Sports in Munich, are the creators behind The Athletic Scholarship Guide. Monaco Sports has earned an Excellent Reputation in recent years from American coaches, its partners, athletes and their parents because of its work ethic and professionalism.

The two executives and so-called “captains” of Monaco Sports bring with them many years of experience in sports marketing and management. With the help of many reputable partners from the sporting industry, Monaco Sports has been able to successfully guide countless talented athletes (from differing sporting backgrounds) every year through the recruiting process and to their ultimate goal of obtaining a scholarship in America.

Even though the application process does have a certain structure to it, the path every athlete takes is slightly different from the next. The process may take unexpected turns that the athlete needs to be prepared for, so that he/she can react accordingly. Monaco Sports has lived through and dealt with every possible scenarios multiple times – and every one of the lessons learnt and experiences gained from each one, has been incorporated into The Athletic Scholarship Guide.